Day 7 – Reunions, ice-cream and family

Yesterday wasn’t a good day, challenge wise. It was a really good day for many other things. There’s a little voice inside me, nagging, that I wasn’t able to provide you all and myself with a worthy challenge for Day 7 – the end of week 1. One quarter, you guys. We are getting somewhere. And although I can’t tell you about a great, soul-searching, fear confronting challenge today, I still very much liked my day yesterday. Let’s say, I celebrated week 1, ok? There was ice-cream.

I am a little shy. I am not warming up easily and talking to strangers or people I hardly know is a big deal for me. Before the breakdown, I met my people regularly, with joy, for hours. I wasn’t afraid of strangers, friends of friends, colleagues at university. Although, that all changed in the past years, I am working my way up to the top again. In all these regards and many more. For someone, who has great friends, that take pride in being my friend, following my journey and helping me through it all with calls, comments and text messages, it may seem odd, but I am not seeing a lot of people these days. Until 2 weeks ago, I only had visited one friend at the countryside, maybe 4 or 5 times. In the course of over 8 months. I kept in touch as well as I could, but picking up the phone, sending a reply or writing an e-mail, was an intractable task. I wanted to, but I didn’t have the strength. I came to the city almost 11 days ago, filled with energy, strength, plans, challenges, tasks. And the joy of what it meant for me to see a few of my best friends. I met the first one on sunday. And even that reunion wasn’t something I made happen. It was a surprising coincidence. Get a grip, you say? You want to see your friends, don’t you? Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes. I want to, I am looking forward to and I can’t wait. What makes it a little hard for me to go through with that plan, is myself. My need to be perfect. My overwhelming tiredness, when presented with a challenge, may it only be to shower, get dressed and meet someone. My own 4 walls, that provide so much security for me. And my inner chicken.

Yesterday, I met 3 people. 3 people! High-five, or rather, high-three! I had an amazing lunch date with an even more amazing friend, that was everything: funny, deep, delicious, joyous, easy-going, relaxing, profound. As if I’d never have left the city for almost 8 months now, we connected, shared, laughed. And I extended the invitation. Booyah! Afterwards, I felt like sitting in the sun for a little while, but when I called my granny to let her know, I was going to arrive a little late, my beloved cousin took over the phone and told me, he was at her place too, skipping a university class, just to meet me. It was meant as a surprise, and boy, was it a good one. He skipped class. For me. Oh boy, OH BOY.  Needless to say, I hurried there as fast as possible. My gran is that sort of gran, that is incredibly intelligent, in top shape and totally in love with me. She also has the tendency, to rant about everything, mostly my family. None of this, yesterday. She couldn’t have presented me with a more valuable gift. We chatted for over 2 hours about history, books, politics (did I mention, she is close to being 90?) and music. Before the burnout, talking to her was frustrating, depressing and extremely exhausting for me. Yesterday I left, light on my feet, a little tired, as it still is fatiguing for me, to concentrate for a longer period and to follow and focus on people and a conversation, but very relieved and thankful for the pleasant surprise. My cousin and I had some super decadent ice-cream afterwards, (because treat yourself, right?) and I shared the blog and a challenge idea, that includes him. The darling sweetheart that he is, he was excited, interested and agreed instantly. Keep your eyes peeled – you’ll soon know why. I feel like this first day of actually taking the plunge and meeting people, took a lot of pressure and unease off of me and that there are and will be many more reunions soon. I took the first step – all following steps now, will be a lot easier. Also, ice-cream, you guys. Treat yourself.


8 thoughts on “Day 7 – Reunions, ice-cream and family

  1. Hahaha. My dear. That was a good lie at the beginning. That it wasn’t a good day challenge wise. Haven’t you done one of the most challenging things for you at the moment. Meeting with people. Three in one day!!! Spending hours with them. And feeling light on your feet and happily exhausted afterwards. You should clap for yourself my dear! You have done great! The first step. A big one indeed! And many more to follow! I am proud of you!

    By the way, I feel honored. When reading your posts I get a feeling for how difficult it is/was for to put yourself together to go out and meet with people. Nevertheless, whenever I was in Vienna, I got to see you. Well, not so much the last time because you were in the country side but in June. I got to spend some good quality time with you and now I appreciate it even more knowing what effort it must have taken. Thanks a thousand times for making our reunions happen!!!

    With regards to my challenges, well, surprise, surprise, I still haven’t sent my update. It actually completely slipped my mind in the past days. I enjoyed the weekend too much and since I am back in the office, I am just too busy with one thing. The identification fiche for the education sector. It’s a huge challenge that I took on, willingly and ‘forced’ at the same. Well, there is only me who could do it at the moment. It’s a challenge. A big one. But if I succeed I would get a lot of credits. But it is difficult. Very difficult. Especially given the deadline. Tomorrow. I will have to work throughout the night today. Because I want to. I want to make it something presentable. Something that will be commented. Some achievement that I will remember from this time here. I will need to be focused. And leave my perfectionism behind. Another challenge for me! Aim for 80%. It will be fine!

    Therefore my dear, I will be going back to my work now but I look very much forward to your next post!! I hope life is not presenting too many challenges at once. You still need some time to write them down. 😉

    • I don’t like to read, that you, once again, will work through the night! Ambitious cat, as always. I know, your work will be flawless in the end, again, as always. Promise me, that you’ll at least have some chocolate and a very relaxing weekend before you, to make up for it!

  2. Hahaha, I had already half a bar as a motivator! And I will promise you that I will sleep a few hours. There is no way I can stay awake the entire night as I used to. I am getting older…. 😀 And yes for the weekend I have plans to go to Banana Island.

  3. Fell asleep yesterday night and woke up around 3:30/4 a.m. But since then I have been really productive and I have managed to finish all the substantial parts already, just need to work on a few smaller areas. But for the first time, it looks feasible that I will finish it today. Yippie!

  4. I achieved 200% efficiency yesterday. I managed to make the impossible possible and finished my report at 4pm yesterday. Even before COB. And the even more amazing thing is: I was happy with it. I could have read through it again and twisted a few things here and there but no, I was happy the way the report was done. And my colleague really enjoyed reading it and got engaged with the document – which was not the case with the ones we received from our so-called experts. So for now, I am just waiting to receive feedback from my boss which is the most critical one! Lets keep fingers crossed!

  5. Yes, that was pretty much a first. Cannot remember that I finished before the last minute and I was happy with a report. There is normally always something that could have been done better. Maybe I have finally accepted that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be perfect! 😉 By the way, my boss was super happy with it and with small changes it was now sent to HQ for further comments. AND, I challenged myself today by asking my boss for time off as compensation for the night that I have spent working. So next Friday I will enjoy my day at Bunce Island! 🙂

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