You’ve followed the bread crumbs…

Hey you! Yes, you. I am happy you found your way here. Be sure to expect nothing more than honest, personal, sometimes amusing, often confusing posts about a mighty task I challenged myself with. After years of suffering from depression and countless attempts to get better, I broke down almost a year ago. Burned out, as they say. I moved to the countryside temporarily and started a great treatment, focusing on the future, instead of tiring, nerve-wrecking trips to my troubled past. During that time, I had an idea to challenge me and to live life differently for forty days (yes, this is an adaption of thanks Jessie and Tim). This means, trying new things, stepping out of my comfort zone, confronting fears and borders and risking something. I feel scared, excited, frightened, anxious, hopeful, nervous, brave. Let’s do this together.

“Life is always life-threatening” Erich Kästner